“Everything you are looking for answer wise, success strategy wise, personal risk management wise, authentic-self wise, sits within your numbers. Thing is, how do you access your bespoke matrix of numerical intelligence? Through numerology… Not conventional numerology, or everyday numerology, I am talking Strategic Applied Numerology which is totally next level! Tragedy is, less than a handful of practising numerologists today know how to strategically unpack and intelligently model your numbers. I do.”

Chris Styles, Co-Founder 365 Pin Code Numerology Research

2021 is a No5 Universal Year which has the No4 as its shadow numerology number

After the Covid-19 chaos of 2020 everyone wants to know whether 2021 will be a much better year; this 2021 numerology forecast addresses exactly this. There is however a twist to this 2021 numerology forecast, in that it focusses on the shadow numerology trait of 2021, or stated otherwise, it zooms in on the emotional, invisible, intangible nature of 2021 (defined by the No4) and not its physical, visible, tangible nature (defined by the No5). Now that we have clarified that for you, in terms your of developing a bespoke winning strategy for 2021, you need to know and understand this… 2021 (2021 = 2+0+2+1 = 5) is a number 5 universal year. So, what exactly does numerology number 5 represent? Number 5 is the number of change, personal freedom, adaptability, adventure, flexibility, rapidly processing information, challenging the status quo, not accepting things at face value, and the human experience as lived through the 5 senses (see, smell, hear, taste and touch). The No5 is a kinetic energy in that it is always on the go and so it must be able to move, expand and feel unrestricted. The moment you try to “box / confine / restrict / restrain” the No5 energy or vibration, you have started a battle of wills which the No5 will always win because when it has had enough, and turns decision into action, it gets going like a whirlwind, gaining momentum and the No5 cannot be stopped until it decides it has had enough!

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In a nutshell, this sums up what the nature of the No5 energy of 2021 will be like…

Let us paint a crystal-clear picture for you. Think of a horse. The horse is the No5 energy. The owners of the horse want to load it into a horse box. The horse will have nothing of this. After a tremendous struggle, the horse is finally forced into the irritating horse box where it feels restricted and confined. The horse finds another gear and with its powerful body, legs and hooves completely redesigns the horse box into a pile of unrecognisable scrap. The result is a total disaster. The horse is let out of the horse box. It walks away thrilled to be free again and the exercise costs its owners dearly! Now that is exactly what happens when you force the No5 (which is what the energy of 2021 will be) vibration into a tiny, uncomfortable space in which it is expected to be compliant and play by the illogical rules! No doubt the question on your mind right now, is: “Will I be affected by the No5 universal energy of 2021?” The answer is, yes you will, we all will. Given this 2021 numerology forecast certainty, as the 1st of January 2021 clocks in, the best mindset for you to have for the year ahead, is Believe Nothing, Challenge Everything and Expect The Unexpected! Through 365 Pin Code, the R&D arm of our Group of Strategic Futurist Companies, we have a published a mind-blowing piece of work which describes what we see as being critically important 2021 numerology predictions.

“Numerology number 4 is the number I am 100% comfortable with. Why? Because I am born on the 13th and in numerology, 13 reduces to 4. This is the number of work, focus, discipline, systems, procedures, practicality, justice, outputs and law and order. There might not be much fluffy or sexy about the heavily earthed 4 but it gets things done so do not get in the way nor interfere with the 4 when it is busy. I pity anyone born on the 13th who does not apply themselves. Karmic debt number 13 will eventually savage them. There’s nowhere to hide from the karmic debt numbers which are 13, 14, 16 and 19.”

Suzanne Styles, Founder: Numerology For Women

The shadow No4 and its relevance in the 2021 numerology forecast

First off, here is what you need to know and remember about numerology number 4. Whenever you see numbers, you might not think too much about them, but the truth is they have symbolic meanings. The No4 is not considered to be very fortuitous in a lot of cultures, yet one of its octaves, karmic debt sequence 13//4 is most fortuitous in that it signals a karmic rebirth and the highest octave of the No4, as in Master Number 22//4 represents The Master Builder – those who are coded with the gift to achieve much materially during their lives! Understand this, when it comes to No4, we know that with this number comes the ability to make tough situations simple and that people who are directly influenced by the No4 (discussed in more detail immediately below) are great at handling different challenges in their day-to-day activities. People with this number tend to pursue long and steady relationships because they love to feel protected. They are known to hate changes in their lives and prefer to stand by their traditional values. In arguments, they are very strong and outspoken and will most likely win because of the way they argue. No4 is a very practical, down to earth, conservative number that synchs with hard work, focus, planning, discipline, persistence, endurance, systems, processes and procedures and no short-cuts to be taken, ever! It is also a number linked with safety and security and a strong belief in traditional values. It also creates the need for sacred spaces in your surroundings where you can meditate about life and grow stronger as a human being. The symbolic No4 meaning, therefore, is all about stability and the grounded nature of life and all things.  The No4 meaning in the Tarot is used to represent major arcana The Emperor.

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Who exactly are “the No4 people” that 2021s shadow energy will target?

For the purposes of this 2021 numerology forecast, they are those who:

  • Have the No4 presenting as their shadow personal vibration. Therefore, they were born on the 5th, the 14th or the 23rd of any given month.
  • Have the No4 presenting as their shadow family or intimate vibration. Birth MM of May = 5. Therefore, everyone born in May [9-5=4] will have their No4 shadow family number targeted by the shadow 4 of 2021.
  • Have the No4 presenting as their shadow world or career vibration. People born in 2012, 2003, 1994, 1985, 1976, 1967, 1958 etc. have the No5 as their world or career number. Because numerology works in cycles of 9 and all opposing number sets add up to 9, the No5’s shadow number is always the No4. Therefore, people who were born in the years listed above will have their shadow 4 career number targeted by the shadow 4 of 2021.
  • Have a No4 shadow life path number. To help you, here is an example. Ellen DeGeneres (who had a nightmarish 2020) was born on the 26th of January 1958. Her Life Path Number sequence is 1985//23//5 which reveals that she has a No5 life path. 5 above, 4 below. Ellen therefore has a No4 shadow life path which will be targeted by the shadow 4 of 2021. Therefore, any person with a No5 life path (here is a life path numerology calculator to help you) will have their No4 shadow life path massively in play, emotionally so, during the whole of 2021.
  • Have the No4 presenting as their Expression Number; Balance Number; Physical, Emotional or Spiritual number; Karmic Debt Number, Maturity Number etc.

Now that we have shared all this information with you, what does it mean or signal in terms of 2021?

The emotional shadow No4 of 2021 signals The Precautionary Principle

Here’s where things get very strategic 2021 numerology forecast wise, so now is the time for you to get really focused and to stay focused.

Precautionary Principle lesson A:

Precautionary principles are the foundations for policy when it has to deal with weakly understood causes of potential catastrophic or irreversible events, and where protective decisions require certain and costly policy interventions that may not solve the problem that they are designed to correct. These principles provide – when developed by statutes that reflect the intent of the principles – a legal justification for acting, even though scientific causation is either incomplete or perhaps unavailable. The dilemma that those principles create is that the ethical choice underpinning precautionary principles, better safe than sorry, can be costly because an action designed to avoid potential damage can be counterproductive for society by creating other hazards that are incorrectly analyzed.

Precautionary Principle lesson B:

Precautionary principles bridge the gap between weakly understood causes of potentially either grave or irreversible environmental damages and potentially costly policy interventions. These principles provide a moral justification for acting even though causation is unclear. This condition forces decision-makers inevitably to confront a variety of difficulties. Fundamentally, the dilemma is that the ethical choice, better safe than sorry, can be costly because an action designed to avoid a potential damage can be counterproductive for society: a seemingly precautionary action can do more harm than good. Risk–cost–benefit analysis (RCBA) resolves this dilemma by informing decision-makers about the probable net benefits of each of the actions they may consider to minimize the effects of exposure to a serious environmental hazard.

Both lessons have this message at their very core – Better Safe Than Sorry can be Very Costly Long Term!

What is 2021s shadow No4 telling you on a practical emotional level?

Four words sum up the most important message from us, to you, in this 2021 numerology forecast, and they are: Warning: Proceed with Caution… During 2021 all hell is going to break lose. The rebellious, status-quo challenging No5 universal energy is going to see people rising en masse, against the all-controlling “Establishment.” In an angry, volatile, economically devastated post Covid-19 world, when governments try to force their law-and-order creating ways on people who have had enough of their personal and mental sovereignty being stolen from them, things will boil over and get very ugly, at local level, regional level, national level and international level.

If you do not believe us, and are now erroneously thinking strategic predictive numerology to be a joke, then before you click exit please remember this… Our numerology research has clearly revealed that something very dramatic will happen to President Donald Trump in 2021 [insert the 2021 numerology predictions link from 365PC] and it is highly likely that this event will send America, and all Conservative Party supporting Americans who believe the Democrats have cheated at the polls, over the edge. It is events like this and others (read about the 2021 Putin threat below), that will shock the world’s people into realising how controlled and manipulated we are; that nothing is as it seems. This mass awakening will only fuel the naturally explosive No5 energy of 2021. People across the globe, will collectively reach the point of aggregated consciousness where they have had enough of lying, thieving, self-serving, agenda-driven political leaders who undoubtedly serve at the pleasure of their Higher Masters! Thing is, because we are in a Dark Cycle of 9 through to the end of 2025 (a No9 universal year, the end of the cycle of 9), these uprisings will be quashed, and so this new emerging truth-seeking consciousness will for now, be forced underground.

This is where the shadow No4 of 2021 really comes to the fore. When the No4’s buttons have been pushed way too far, it becomes vengeful, seeks justice, and will stop at nothing until justice has been served. This is going to be the dominant emotional theme of 2021 and know this, because this is a universal energy flowing, it will affect you too. Hence, Warning: Proceed with Caution… Whilst everyone around you is losing their minds, you need to keep yours focused and intact. You need to embrace The Precautionary Principle which encourages you to not take anything at face value and to intelligently risk manage your life away from collective subconscious hysteria, to critical thinking conscious planning. Going into 2022, a No6 universal year, those who triumphed in 2021 by using the conservative, logical mental game, will be light years ahead of those who succumbed to the emotional hysteria which surely will permeate most of the year.

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Lastly, BEWARE the real threat posed by Vladimir Putin in 2021

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin born 7 October 1952 is a Russian politician and a former officer of the KGB who has served as President of Russia since 2012, previously holding the position from 1999 until 2008. He was also the Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. Putin received 76% of the vote in the 2018 election and was re-elected for a six-year term ending in 2024. Analysing President Putin’s numerology reveals two shocking results (see immediately below) which bring 2021’s No5 physical and No4 shadow vibrations in to frame for him. Guaranteed, 2021 will be a massively significant year for this man life path wise, so watch this space!

Numerology Inclusion Chart for Vladimir Putin

2021 numerology forecast, 2021 numerology predictions, shadow numerology, Ellen DeGeneres numerology, Suzanne Styles, Chris Styles, Numerology UK, UK numerologists, numerology for women, human futurology, strategic futurism, Vladimir Putin numerology

The last important piece of this 2021 numerology forecast strategically brings Putin’s numerology into frame and issues a global risk warning. Putin’s full birth name has the No4 scoring at 242% of target. That is abnormally high, in fact, that score is so high, it is off the charts. What this clearly reveals, is an innate ruthlessness that is unparalleled. It is his way or the highway. If you get in his way, you will be crushed. A person with this profile takes no prisoners, ever! Next, look at the presence of the No5 in his full birth name. The score is a negative result, -35%, which signals an extreme karmic lesson. 2021 is a No5 universal year, so this is the year whose energy synchronises perfectly with Putin’s extreme karmic lesson. Having the numbers 4 and 5 presenting in this way in a numerology inclusion chart, is cause for tremendous concern because this antagonistic mix brings out the very worst in both numbers. This explains why we predict that 2021 will be the year when Putin and Russia make a move that shocks the entire world to its very core.

What makes matters considerably worse, is that if we carefully study Putin’s birth chart (see immediately below) we see that none of his major birth numerology numbers (as in the large black and red ones) are a No5! This means that the No5 is entirely absent from his date of birth numerology and scores so low in his full birth name (negative result!) that it signals an extreme karmic lesson. Put these two results together and numerology number 5 (as in personal freedom) is coded to provide an Extreme Extreme Karmic Lesson for this man and to others through this man. The No5 is also Putin’s lifelong challenge number, physically and emotionally.

Finally, when we strategically apply the Human Futurology Principles we are researching and mathematically model his life path experiences, we see starting in 2020, that he enters a numerology number 8 (power, control, authority, organising, dictating etc.) driven period which persists through to the end of 2024. Being born in 1952 (1952 = 1+9+5+2 = 17 = 1+7 = 8; 1952//17//8) reveals that his Career or World Number is the No8 – the organised, powerful, controlling one. This tells us that the years 2020 through to 2024 have a life path career number synchronicity happening, with 2021 being THE YEAR when his No8 expresses itself with maximum intensity through external or outward facing channels! Are you connecting the numerology dots as to why there is no doubt whatsoever that President Putin poses a massive global threat during 2021 and that he is about to make his move?

Numerology Birth Chart for Vladimir Putin born 7th of October 1952

2021 numerology forecast, 2021 numerology predictions, shadow numerology, Ellen DeGeneres numerology, Suzanne Styles, Chris Styles, Numerology UK, UK numerologists, numerology for women, human futurology, strategic futurism, Vladimir Putin numerology

Numerology UK 2021 Numerology Forecast 1

Image by Steven Iodice from Pixabay

Numerology UK 2021 Numerology Forecast 1

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Numerology UK 2021 Numerology Forecast 1

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