Master Number 33 signals The Master Teacher, the Responsible One who Rises above the Lower Vibrations!

Of all the master numbers, the Master Number 33 is the one least written about. Why? Is it possibly because it is the one that is the least understood? We do not know, but within the context of this numerology Master Number 33 article we shall attempt to practically position what the owners of this master number are most likely to experience and how best for them to engage with the higher octave (as in the No33) and lower octave (as in the No6) experiences. Given that Numerology UK is all about helping you to really understand your numbers and develop new winning personal and professional strategies, the strategy that we advocate to optimise the master number 33 experience, is Courageous Inspired Leadership. We explain this in more detail a little further on.

What has been written about the Master Number 33?

Felicia Bender writes: “With the Master Number 33, on top of the basic characteristics of the number six, you have added strengths and also more intense challenges. Your special mission is to be a masterful healer and an inspired visionary. This is a spiritual path that prods you toward tapping into your creativity, your emotions, and really acting with a nurturing and healing presence. 33 is the “Christ Number” so understand that your purpose falls into the helping, healing, joyful, and creative realm. Understand that the implication of the master numbers are that they’re developed and refined over time, like a fine wine. And the 33/6 is especially set up where you must, first and foremost, heal yourself.  With that in mind, understand that you’ll be put into situations that will require that you deal with responsibility. It’s your calling to teach and show, by example, the power of love.”

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We disagree that the Master Number 33 presents as a Life Path Number

We thoroughly enjoy Felicia Bender’s general take on things numerology master numbers wise. The one area where we significantly differ from her is that we do not agree that master number 33 presents itself as a Life Path Number. E.g. Meryl Streep, Born, 22nd of June 1949. The way Bender and 99% of numerologists would calculate Streep’s life path number is: Birth DD (22) + Birth MM (6) + Birth YYYY (1949) = 2+2+6+1+9+4+9 = 33; master number 33 life path. Whilst we appreciate that “the traditional or preferred way” that numerologists work with numbers is to reduce them down to the lowest possible digit, we believe they lose tremendous detail doing this. Moreover, if you are mathematically inclined, why would you add numbers this way? We choose to calculate the life path number using the methodology preferred by 365 Pin Code Numerology, the world’s leading Numerology Case Study Research Unit. The 365PC way delivers a string of life path numbers, not just one, so there is much more numerical detail to work with. 365 Pin Code’s calculative approach is: Birth DD + Birth MM + Birth YYYY = 22+6+1949 = 1977 = 1+9+7+7 = 24 = 2+4 = 6; Meryl Streep has a 1977//24//6 life path number. Using the 365PC approach implies Tarot Card wise, that Meryl Streep’s No24 backing number life path aligns with the Queen of Wands (24th tarot card) and not the Seven of Wands (33rd tarot card). When you carefully review what the Queen of Wands represents and what the Seven of Wands represents, the evidence is certainly stacked in favour of Meryl Streep having a No24//6 life path number and not a No33//6 life path number.

Learn more about the Other Two Master Numbers

If the master numbers (11, 22 and 33) really fascinate you, then you can learn much more about the other two (11 and 22) in the work we published on Supermodel Kendell Jenner who has a Master Number 11 Life Path and Meghan Markle who has a Master Number 22 Life Path (whose magical life will start to completely implode in 2021 and 2022).

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Master Number 33 is the Most Evolved of All Numbers

Hans Decoz, writes: “The Master Number 33 is considered the Master teacher and the most spiritually evolved of all numbers. The 33 is the most influential of all numbers; it combines the 11 and the 22, boosting their potential to another level. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks personal ambition and instead focuses its considerable ability on the spiritual uplifting of humanity. What makes the 33 especially impressive, is its high level of sincere devotion.”

So, given all the above, here are the facts that we are working with:

  1. We do not support the widely accepted numerology notion that MN-33 presents a life path number.
  2. There are at most 31 days in a month, therefore, MN-33 cannot present as a person’s Birth DD (personal number).

So, given all this, where exactly then would this elusive master number present in a person’s numerology?

“I have a phenomenal team behind me who have helped get me here and I, along with them, will now put everything we can into the final few weeks of preparations before the Olympic Games, where I am aiming to race well, work well through the rounds, post good times and maybe even a personal best time on the biggest stage of them all.” Oscar Pistorius

Master Number 33 presents as Your Sun or Personal Attainment Number (TKSPE)

Birth Chart of Oscar Pistorius revealing his Master Number 33 Sun Number

Oscar Pistorius, Master Number 33, Numerology UK, UK's top numerologists, personal numerology, professional numerology, corporate numerology, numerology consulting services, Why Numerology

Oscar Pistorius: Birth DD: 22nd (master number 22). Birth MM: November, 11 (master number 11). Oscar Pistorius’ Sun Number or Personal Attainment Number = Birth DD + Birth MM = 22+11 = 33; Master Number 33! He shares this rare three master number aggregation (personal number 22, family number 11, sun number 33) with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Billie-Jean King, Hailey Bieber, Jamie Lee Curtis and Mads Mikkelsen.

“I think happiness comes from self-acceptance. We all try different things, and we find some comfortable sense of who we are. We look at our parents and learn and grow and move on. We change.” Jamie Lee Curtis

There other numerical combinations that can give Master Number 33 Sun Number

Master Number 33, Numerology UK, UK's top numerologists, personal numerology, professional numerology, corporate numerology, numerology consulting services, Why Numerology

Someone born on the 21st of December (21+12=33) would have a Master Number 33 sun or personal attainment number, as would someone born on the 22nd of November, the 23rd of October, the 24th of September, the 25th of August, the 26th of July, the 27th of June, the 28th of May, the 29th of April, the 30th of March. It is not possible for people born in February or January to have the master number 33 as their sun or personal attainment number.

“I’m terrified about psychic people who have their little shops. I always walk across the street and go somewhere else. Imagine if one of them came out with their face all pale and said, ‘Hurry up and enjoy yourself.’ No one wants to know that.” Mads Mikkelsen

Why is the best Master Number 33 strategy, Courageous Inspired Leadership?

The master number 33 offers its owner two types of experiences:

  • The higher octave 33, which has 2 x numerology number 3’s and therefore synchs with double dose if you will of courage, creativity, self-expression, communication, imagination, inspiration, happiness etc.
  • The lower octave numerology number 6, which synchs with relationships, responsibility, family, matters of the heart, sense of community, looking after others, grace, and gratitude etc.

What most numerologists do not understand is that during their lifetime, the owners of the MN-33 will experience both octaves, probably more than once. It is not like some magic light switch suddenly goes on in their circuitry, and in a flash, they are 100% aligned with the cosmic intention of master number 33 and successfully living it through every neuron in their body. It does not happen that way and, astonishing newsflash, it is also not possible to live at MN-33 intensity all the time.

Numerology UK, UK's top numerologists, personal numerology, professional numerology, corporate numerology, numerology consulting services, Why Numerology

The No3 is ODD and the No6 is EVEN – this tells a Powerful Story!

There will be times when their creativity for argument’s sake will be at an all time high and they will be in full flow with the double 3’s of the 33. The No3 is an odd number and in numerology, odd numbers are almost always, aligned to the self, or “ME focused.” Then there will be times when much of their life is taken up with family matters, relationships, responsibilities, matters of the heart, serving communities etc. – the more mundane, less creative, others-focused things. This is when the No6 is in play, and No6 is an even number and even numbers are almost always “OTHERS focused.” So, in our opinion, the central tenet of the mastery journey experience that the master number 33 provides to its owners, is that they need to learn how to efficiently shift between “this is ALL about CREATIVE ME” moments and “this is about SERVING OTHERS’” moments. When they get this balanced mastery right, they will experience tremendous joy, because there will be a focus on themselves and their creative, expressive mastery and there will also be a focus on others and helping and serving and supporting them with unconditional love. In terms of numerology, it is also interesting to note that 3 (fire element) and 6 (water element) add up to 9 which is the number of consciousness and completion, and as such there will always be an extreme interchange between these two numbers.

And that’s where courageous inspired leadership comes to the fore as the best strategy for optimising the Master Number 33 experience. Why? Because leadership mastery results from being able to lead self (odd number, me) and others (even number, others). And because courage and inspiration are both headline characteristics associated with the Number 3 vibration or energy. Bolt them all together and you have something that will really switch on the MN-33 experience, allowing the person to willingly accept their tremendous responsibilities with a loving heart whilst simultaneously giving them the resolve to adhere to their principles in the face of extreme opposition.

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