Numerology Birth Chart

Sixteen incredibly important Numbers exist within your numerology birth chart. You must understand them all

Chris Styles and Suzanne Styles the founders of 365 Pin Code (365PC), Numerology for Women and Numerology UK, are the best in the business at explaining your numerology birth chart. In this article we will use the numerology birth chart of UK born digital marketing and business strategist Suzanne Styles born on the 13th of August 1965. Her chart will help to explain why the way 365PC analyses and interprets your DOB provides you with personal and professional information that has much strategic value.

“Numerology number 4 is the number I am 100% comfortable with. Why? Because I am born on the 13th and in numerology, 13 reduces to 4. This is the number of work, focus, discipline, systems, procedures, practicality, justice, outputs and law and order. There might not be much fluffy or sexy about the heavily earthed 4 but it gets things done so do not get in the way nor interfere with the 4 when it is busy. I pity anyone born on the 13th who does not apply themselves. Karmic debt number 13 will eventually savage them. There’s nowhere to hide from the karmic debt numbers which are 13, 14, 16 and 19.” Suzanne Styles, Co-Founder Numerology for Women

Your date of birth is NO accident!

Your uniqueness is expressed through your DNA, your fingerprint etc. What few people understand is the same level of uniqueness, as in there is only one of you, sits within your numerology numbers. For many years 365 Pin Code, the research and development arm of Numerology UK, has been developing analytical approaches to better understand the numerical make-up of an individual. This approach unpacks your DOB in 4D, personal physical, personal shadow (emotional), professional physical and professional shadow (emotional). The physical numbers are those which are known through your DOB, so they are the numbers ‘above the line’. The shadow or emotional numbers are those that lie beneath, they are your unknown DOB numbers and are the numbers ‘below the line’.

The numerology birth chart of Suzanne Styles

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We start by unpacking the Numbers above the line (yellow)

Suzanne Styles has:

  • A number 6 life path (see TKS-LFP above; 1986//24//4). If you do not know what your life path numbers are, discover them now through the 365 Pin Code Life Path Numbers Calculator. The No6 synchs with a journey whose experiences are dominated by relationships, responsibility, family, community, love, matters of the heart, grace, and gratitude.
  • She was born on the 13th (Birth DD) which introduces the karmic debt No13//4. Breaking the number down into its individual entities, has the No13 as creatively expressing (3) oneself (1) through work (4). 13//4 is Suzanne’s personal physical vibration, her 365 Pin Code Personal Number. The earthed element No4 synchs with focus, discipline, persistence, law and order, planning, organising, producing, systems, processes, procedures, a methodical approach to things, turning mind (thought) into matter (form) etc.
  • Being born in the month of August (Birth MM) introduces the number 8 vibration as her 365 Pin Code Family / Intimate Number. The earthed element No8 synchs with money, power, control, authority, stability, safety and security, status, business, organising etc.
  • Suzanne is born in 1965 (Birth YYYY) which reduces to the essence number 3 (1965 = 1+9+6+5 = 21 = 2+1 = 3; 1965//21//3). The number sequence 21//3 links with No21 major arcana, The World; this is her 365 Pin Code World / Career Number. The fire element No3 synchs with creativity, communication, self-expression, imagination, inspiration, motivation, project management (3’s love for everything to have a well-defined timeline) etc.
  • Her Sun or Personal Attainment Number (see TKSPE; 21//12//3) again introduces the fire element sequence 21//3 (Birth DD + Birth MM = 13+8 = 21; 21//3). The inspired, creative, communicator. In 2020, she is in a No7//7 personal year which synchs with privacy, isolation, introspection, searching for spiritually significant answer, logic, research, analytics, development of the mind etc.
  • Her Professional Attainment Number (see TKSPR; 1978//25//7) introduces the fire element number 7. The No7 synchs with specialisation and so she will always be at her best when she is functioning, professionally, as a specialist. In 2020, she is in a No11//2 professional year. The master number 11 synchs with intuition, vision, illumination, enlightenment, and teaching. It is also the number which demands personal development around being able to easily switch between the masculine energy (as in 2×1’s, 11) and the feminine energy (11 = 1+1 = 2).

Numerology UK, numerology birth chart, 365 pin code, numerology readings, UK numerology, shadow numbers numerology

Are you aware of other numerologists who, or numerology readings that, provides this level of detail purely around the known DOB numbers? Thing is, we are only halfway, there is still so much more work to do DOB analytics wise. Having unpacked Suzanne’s ‘above the line’ physical numerology birth chart numbers, we must now set about doing the same for her ‘below the line’ shadow or emotional numbers.

  • Her Shadow Life Path Number is 12//3 (see TSS-LFP; 12//3). Again, the creative expressive, only now we are dealing with the invisible (as in shadow, emotional) realm. Numerology No12 introduce The Hanged Man, the one who sees or perceives things differently.
  • Her Shadow Personal Number is 5, which brings emotions into frame around travel, adventure, the need to be on the move, excitement, adrenaline, the 5-senses lived human experience etc.
  • Her Shadow Family Number is 1, which brings into play emotions around independence, leadership, innovation, original creator, sense of self etc.
  • Her Shadow World / Career Number is 6 – emotions around relationships, responsibility, serving the community, helping others etc.
  • Her Shadow Personal Attainment Number 9 (see TSSPE; 6//6) again brings forth powerful emotions around what the No6 stands for. In 2020, she is in a No10//1 shadow personal year which indicates the beginning of a new personal shadow / emotional cycle.
  • Her Shadow Professional Attainment Number (see TSSPR; master number 11//2) synchs with master number 11 which talks to the importance of her listening to her professionally attuned intuition and that she has to have an emotionally inspired vision (HDD big picture) that she is working toward career wise else she will feel lost and rudderless. In 2020, she is in a No6 shadow professional year so it will be a career year which has much surfacing, emotion wise, around what the No6 stands for.

Her karmic year was 1986 so guaranteed that year, or 6 months either side of 1986 (i.e. July 1985 to Dec 1986; Jan 1986 to June 1987) something tremendously significant would have happened.

Numerology UK, numerology birth chart, 365 pin code, numerology readings, UK numerology, shadow numbers numerology

Your Numerology birth charts offer up so much Critically NB information

The way 365 Pin Code analyses a numerology birth chart, brings 16 critically important numerology data points into play. Two of the sixteen are life path related and the rest link with the dimensions of personal physical, professional physical, personal shadow, and professional shadow. Developing deep analytical processes like this, in turn allowed us to model a person’s life path in 4D from birth through to their eventual death. Here is the entire life path map of Colonel Harland Sanders, founder of KFC. Imagine how much better and more intelligently you can plan (this introduces the rapidly developing discipline of human futurology) when you understand your life’s journey in 4D numerology! That is why numerology done our way, the applied way, which helps you to really understand what your numbers mean, adds much strategic value.

Numerology UK, numerology birth chart, 365 pin code, numerology readings, UK numerology, shadow numbers numerology

Image by Julius H from Pixabay