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Here is a list of Numerology Frequently Asked Questions answered by expert numerologists Chris and Suzanne Styles, the founders of 365 Pin Code. Over the past few years, through their numerology blog, The Pin Code, they have published some of the world’s most fascinating applied numerology research work ever done. Their intensive research work has certainly taken things to a whole different level and what their numerous mathematical modelling case studies have revealed numerology wise, will literally blow your mind.

Numerology Frequently Asked Questions

We will start with the Numerology Frequently Asked Questions posed to us with regards to personal numerology. Then we will move on to those posed to us with regards to professional numerology.

Personal Numerology

Q: What do my numerology numbers mean?

A: Your numerology numbers represent what we call your Grand Organised Design. When intelligently aggregated they reveal your Intelligent Mathematical Blueprint [IMB]. The intelligence within this IMB or numerical matrix, is literally mind blowing. Everything you will ever want to know or understand about yourself exists within this. Thing is, only a handful of numerologists at best, may know how to create these rare, multidimensional views of who you are. We do and that is what sets us apart from the rest. So, when you ask us “What do my numbers mean?” we don’t just jump in and start with all the high level superfluous stuff like, oh you’re a 1 here and a 5 there and a 9 there etc. We set about loading all your critically important numerology datapoints into the 4D predictive numerology model we have developed. This exercise then delivers lines of experiential code and once we have these lines of code, we then set about interpreting your numbers. This approach means that we interpret all your numerology numbers in a strategically integrated fashion. Most numerologists do not work this way; Instead, they look at your numbers in isolation and as such, how they interpret your numbers can be very flawed and therefore massively inaccurate. Understand this: because of our intensive research and development work, what we are now able do with your numbers, drills so deep, that everything gets laid bare, as in your entire Grand Organised Design, your bespoke Intelligent Mathematic Blueprint, your life path mapped in 4D. For example, we have revealed exactly why Steve Job’s pancreatic cancer surfaced in 2004, not a year earlier and not a year later. We also revealed exactly why Kylie Jenner gave birth to her daughter on the 1st of February 2018. There are no other numerologists alive right now who can do this with your numerology numbers, we can and this is why we can call ourselves expert numerologists. Once you understand your personal numerology numbers you move to next level thinking, planning and executing and with that absolutely everything changes, for the better…

Q: Is numerology for women the same as numerology for men?

A: No and anyone who says it is, is talking absolute nonsense! What we have created at 365 Pin Code Numerology for Women wise, is the most advanced numerology analysis available internationally. It takes the understanding of self and her birth codes into such a new dimension that no woman should meet and greet the day without understanding and being fully connected to, her 365 Pin Code. It also gifts her a completely different framework against which to make important strategic life decisions. In a nutshell, it offers her the most brilliant way to intentionally and deliberately design the life she wants to live and experience. Here are two very detailed pieces of numerology research we did into the lives of Victoria Beckham and pioneering female activist, Frances Wright.

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Q: How do I accurately calculate my life path number?

A: There are many different approaches to this, however, what we have found is that this is the most numerically accurate approach: e.g. Chris Styles, Born 1st of February 1969: His DOB is 01.02.1969 = 1+2+1969 = 1972; 1972 = 1+9+7+2 = 19; 19 = 1+9 =10; 10 = 1+0 = 1; so his 365 Pin Code Numerology lifepath numbers when correctly presented read: 1972//19//10//1. The numbers 1972, 19 (numerology number 19 is one of the four karmic debt numbers) and 10, serve to be his life path backing numbers, and, all of these must carefully considered when analysing his numerology. His life path, when reduced to its most basic number, is Numerology Number 1 (the original creator, the natural leader etc.).

Q: Is numerology a science?

A: Tragically, as at now, numerology is regarded as a pseudoscience. This is because most numerologists use a volume model and not a value model. To understand more please go to our homepage, scroll down to the picture of the tennis balls and read why we say this! In our world, we view numerology as part science, part art. There is most definitely a massive amount of science involved in how we do things, however, there is a real art to accurately reading a person’s numbers and making the strategic connections between them. This is what makes us two of the world’s leading expert numerologists.

Q: What does my life path number mean?

A: Your life path number signals the nature of the journey you have signed up for. This number, when accurately unpacked, will help you understand why your life takes the twists and turns it does. Our predictive model charts your life path in 4D through to Age 100. Within the lines of code exist such numerical richness that you will literally be able to see your entire life to-date laid out in detail before you. As an example, here is the Life Path of Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first born) plotted in 4D, from birth to Age 50.

Q: Do I need to know the time and place of my birth to calculate my numerology charts?

A: The simple answer is no. This is only a requirement for astrology and the creation of your astrology charts [if you are looking to have this done please do let us know and we will refer you to an absolutely brilliant astrologer]. Our 365 Pin Code Predictive Numerology Model requires that we work with your Full Birth Name [FBN], date of birth [DOB] and various Other Critical Numbers [OCN’s] which we calculate for you when you sign up with us to get your Advanced Strategic Numerology charts done.

Q: Is there any way I can use numerology to predict if I might win The Lottery?

A: No there is not, however, we know a huge lottery winner and we have analysed this person’s numbers in detail. What is absolutely fascinating though, is that the year the win happened, this person’s Sun Number or Personal Attainment Number, aligned perfectly with their Annual Experience Number. Its numerology synchronicities like this which always reveal that something huge will happen in a person’s life and with our massively accurate numerology model, we can clearly reveal these to you – that’s why what we do is totally next level and strategic, not entertaining.

Q: Is the number 13 a bad or unlucky number to have in my numerology?

A: No, absolutely not! Significantly, the number 13 represents a time of karmic rebirth and whenever anything new is being birthed, there will be much on the go and of course, much resistance too. The old must to break away to make room for the new! Numerology number 13 is a karmic debt number and demands that its owner step up to the plate and work, there are no free lunches, nor are there short-cuts to success – in other words, if you want something, work for it. In Tarot, the number 13 links with the major arcana, Death. Dominant theme here again is KARMIC REBIRTH. A sacred number; Destruction & regeneration; Constant change; All about transformation; Limitless creative powers; Psychic abilities; Through death comes release; The number of reconstruction; Transmutation of energy; An all or nothing energy; Requires a secure home and relationships.

Q: Can numerology help me make better relationship decisions?

A: Yes, is the immediate answer and here’s why! Literally every client who is intentionally seeking to understand much more about their life and how to deliberately become an intelligent strategic architect of greater personal and professional success, asks us this question about those closest to them: “Am I truly compatible with persons x, y and z or not?” This question is asked by wives/husbands who are seeking to understand why their marriage is not working, lovers who are wondering if ‘taking the next step’ is a sensible thing to do, mothers/fathers who have troubled relationships with their children and business partners who are just not getting along. Relationship Numerology Compatibility done the 365 Pin Code Numerology way, reveals much around whether the relationship in question is naturally compatible (and, therefore an easy one) or not (and, therefore a troubled one).

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Professional Numerology

Q: Can numerology help me to make better business decisions?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes. We carefully unpacked what must be one of the worst business decisions ever – it literally cost this man billions of dollars… Hold on to your hats as we unpack the worst decision ever in the history of Apple. After reading this detail-rich research article on Ronald Gerald Wayne born on the 17th of May 1934, if you do not feel nauseous, you’re simply not human. Moreover, this work will hopefully awaken within you the importance of knowing what your karmic or key life lessons are and when (i.e. during which years) they will be presenting themselves. It also highlights why you should not ever actively avoid or side-step these challenging times, because this will only ever end up with you calling much unnecessary loss to yourself.

Q: Can numerology reveal when opportunity rich years are coming my way career wise?

A: Yes. In this research article we focus on the numerology around Albert Einstein’s 1905 annus mirabilis (his miracle year) and use the numerical intelligence extracted from his 365 Pin Code data strings to reveal why 1905 was coded to be the year when he published a series of revolutionary scientific papers. It was the concerted effort that Einstein placed in to the study of Thermodynamics (i.e. heat processes) that made the deepest impression on Einstein and also gave him the greatest results, altering the course of modern physics making him very famous and in tremendous demand worldwide.

Q: Does what The Secret teach about The Law of Attraction align with numerology and how can this be applied to help me create more business success?

A: The Secret is a load of junk. No other way to say it. That book and movie by Rhonda Byrne teach people to do completely the wrong things business wise. Manifesting success is not as easy as Ask, Believe, Receive. Try that laissez faire approach and see how fast you will lose your business! If you believe that, you seriously need your head read. What we do Business Numerology wise is light years beyond The Secret. Instead of having things shrouded in mystery and intrigue, there is nothing mysterious to what we do. We strategically leverage your numerical blueprint to help you to think, plan and execute better. That creates more business success – not daydreaming nonsense!

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