This October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast explains why numerology number 4 is in play emotionally for the next 31 days and advises people to not allow extreme emotions around law and order, feeling confined and restricted, and the need for justice, to get the better of them. Last month’s (September 2020) shadow numerology forecast advised this: As law and order (the No13//4 physical experience of Sep 2020) is forced upon people, there will be the worst kind of uprisings and emotions will boil over, therefore Sep 2020 will be dramatic and explosive as the two most antagonistic numbers in numerology, 4 and 5, collide in an epic way. On a personal level, given that our world will be enveloped by so many extremely dark and angry energies in Sep 2020, take care of yourself and remember the winning emotional numerology strategy for the month is: Pause and Think Before You Act. That in a nutshell, is our September 2020 shadow numerology forecast!

October is the 10th month which heralds new beginnings!

Now, October is the 10th month of the calendar year and in numerology, the No10 reduces to the No1 (10 = 1+0 = 1) which is all about new beginnings, leadership, attainment, the ego, the sense of self etc. October 2020 is a No5 universal month (Oct = 10; Oct 2020 = 2020+10 = 2030 = 2+0+3+0 = 5). That helps explain how we know that the October 2020 shadow numerology forecast revolves around the No4, because when the no5 is in play physically, then because all numbers total 9, its numerology counterpart the No4, is in play emotionally (9 – 5 = 4).

Numerology Readings, October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast, Numerology UK, Chris Styles, Suzanne Styles

What do you Need to Know and Understand about No4?

The No4 is steady and extremely resilient and persistent given its powerful earth energy. It is the brick-like energy associated with discipline and a disciplined approach to life and living. The No4 favours results over financial reward or public recognition and is very goal-orientated, believing in effort (as in hard work) and control. It symbolises stability and support, systems and structures, law and order, focus and outputs. When it comes to number 4, understand that this number has at its very core, the ability to make tough decisions, to make challenging situations simple. That explains why No4 people (e.g. those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, 31st or having a No4 life path number etc.) are great at handling different challenges in their day-to-day activities. The No4 is very organised, very practical, immensely logical and see literally everything around them in a structured way. This explains why No4’s who are on song, can produce so much, so fast. They just know what to do, to get things done!

What does all this mean October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast wise?

In terms of this October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast, the dominant emotions that will most likely prevail over the next 31 days, will be around feeling confined, restrained, that things around you are utterly impractical and that excessive law and order has been imposed upon the system. The hard lock down that most of the world has endured since March 2020 has wreaked utter havoc in the lives of billions. The real aftermath of all the extreme fear that was cynically injected into the global system around the “Covid-19 pandemic” will happen in 2021, so be forewarned. Take South Africa for example, where the government of the day, the ANC, saw fit in July 2020, to inform South Africans that over one million graves needed to be urgently prepared to deal with the worst case situation mass burial wise, as a result of Covid-19. As at the end of September 2020, the country has 16,667 deaths attributed to Covid-19 and one wonders if this number is somewhat overinflated.

During October 2020 expect the Masses to Question Everything!

With October 2020 being a No5 physical month, now is the time when people will seriously question everything, because that is what the No5 does. It challenges the status quo and demands to be heard. If will not accept no for an answer and if it does not like what it is experiencing, it will rebel and as the No5 rebels so the No4 surfaces to pull it back into line. Thing is, the No5 will not be silenced. The ever challenging No5 energy of October 2020 will spark powerful emotional upwellings within all of us around loss of personal freedom and guaranteed, the collective resistance to the draconian-like law and order governance structures that governments have imposed upon us during 2020, will spike dramatically. October 2020 is when a ‘questioning momentum’ builds and the people if you will, start to fight back. This talks to the naturally antagonistic relationship that exists between numerology numbers 4 and 5, where the 5 demands freedom and space, whilst the 4 desires order and control. Getting the picture? As such, let this October 2020 shadow numerology forecast inform you that you see happening during October 2020 (a No5 universal month) is a precursor to what will happen, on a much larger scale, in 2021, a No5 universal year!

Numerology Readings, October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast, Numerology UK, Chris Styles, Suzanne Styles

October’s political landscape is primed for Explosions

During October 2020 there are three numbers powerfully circling in the mix. No1 which links with new beginnings and the need for independence. No5 which is all about personal freedom. No4 which is all about law and order. This makes for an extremely interesting and potentially highly explosive month. Take for example, Boris Johnson’s controversial Brexit legislation which allows the Government to break international law. The Internal Market Bill has been backed by MPs, has now cleared its final stage in the House of Commons by 340 votes to 256 and now passes to the Lords for further scrutiny. It allows ministers to override parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement brokered with Brussels last year, an act which the Government concedes breaches international law ‘in a limited and specific way’. Critics, including all five living former prime ministers, also argue this would wreck the UK’s reputation as a nation which honours its agreements. Boris Johnson who has a No4 balance number really needs to get a grip on things on the home front. The last while, he has appeared weak and confused and as PM he now needs to give clear direction to what the business future looks like for entrepreneurs in the UK post 2020 Covid-19. Then there’s Donald Trump and Joe Biden who are engaged in an awful slanging match ahead of the Presidential election on the 3rd of November. Donald Trump has a No4 life path (22//4, The Master Builder to be precise) and Joe Biden has a No5 shadow personal attainment number. Biden has as his lifelong challenge, the No5 (coping with change), whereas Trump’s is the No2 (being diplomatic). Looking at their numbers, no wonder things get seriously heated between them. Neither leader is showering himself in glory and sadly it is all downhill from here, hence why we published research proving that in this election, only America loses (which shockingly, means a win for communist China and a loss for global democracy!).

Who will be Most Affected by the Shadow No4 erupting during October 2020?

Those who will be most affected during October by the powerful emotional upwelling of the shadow No4 are:

  • People with a No4 life path or No4 shadow life path (if you don’t know your life path numbers, calculate them using the 365 Pin Code Life Path Numerology Calculator).
  • People who were born on the 4th, the 13th, the 22nd and the 31st
  • People who were born in the month of April (physical) and May (sunk / shadow 4).
  • People who were born in a No4 universal year (e.g. 2011, 2002, 1993, 1984, 1975, 1966, 1957 etc.).
  • People who have the No4 presenting as one of their attainment numbers.

To sum up, this October 2020 shadow numerology forecast serves to remind you that as the world around you loses control and logic on the back of extreme emotional turmoil, protect your mental sovereignty. Control what you can as best you can. As for the rest, observe carefully, because what you see this month is what will be presenting, far more intensely, in 2021.

Numerology Readings, October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast, Numerology UK, Chris Styles, Suzanne Styles

Image by DANIEL DIAZ from Pixabay

Numerology Readings, October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast, Numerology UK, Chris Styles, Suzanne Styles

Image by Nebenbei from Pixabay

Numerology Readings, October 2020 Shadow Numerology Forecast, Numerology UK, Chris Styles, Suzanne Styles

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay