“Practical numerology 101 is all about using your core numerology numbers to develop intelligent strategies which will take you places fast. The greatest disservice within numerology is that most numerologists are floating out there at around 30,000 feet or higher, heads in the clouds, with absolutely no idea how to bring what your numbers say, back to earth! Given our many years of hands-on corporate and entrepreneurial business experience, we thankfully do know how to land things. What we do and how we do it will rapidly shift you from transactional existing to transformational living. This is what makes us the UK’s No 1 numerologist team. Remember this: When you work with us, we will get you thinking, planning, and executing strategically.” Suzanne and Chris Styles

Practical Numerology 101 – Back down to Earth with a Bump!

We took Numerology UK live on the 21st of June 2020, a Number 13//4 universal day [21.06.2020 = 21+6+2020 = 2047 = 2+0+4+7 = 13 = 1+3 = 4; 13//4]. For the esoteric, the number 13 presents karmic rebirth potential, but what we love most about this powerfully earthed number is that it is linked with processes, planning, persistence, work, focus, discipline, practicality, conservatism, law and order, structure and systems – everything that is practically demanded of you if you are serious about wanting to create success.

“The study and knowledge of the universe would somehow be lame and defective were no practical results to follow.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

Numerology UK Birth Chart – provided as an example of practical numerology analytics

practical numerology 101, The UK’s No 1 numerologist team, Numerology UK, UK's No 1 Numerologists

This is an example of a practical numerology research chart we create. We use the numerical intelligence contained within charts like this to generate predictive modelling outputs. It is this forward-looking strategic intelligence which allows for vastly improved thinking, planning and executing.

Most numerologists are pie in the sky!

Numerologists tend to specialise in keeping things pie in the sky. Here is a typical example: This month Mercury goes retrograde so if you are in a number 4 personal month, hold on to your hat because it is going to be a very bumpy ride! Really? Mercury going retrograde and all the nonsense that is written about it at the time, has never once provided us with an intelligent practical strategy as to how to drive more business, or improve bottom line performance, or create better personal success strategies or build better personal development plans for staff! And that is why most critical thinking professionals view numerology as being entertaining at best.

We just Love the KISS Principle: Keep it simple, Stupid!

When we started out with 365 Pin Code, we decided that though the numerology research and development work we were undertaking was at times very theoretical, it had to provide practical benefits personally and professionally. What’s the point in talking to a client about their life path number or their master numbers, or their karmic lessons if you are unable to give this information much practical significance in terms of how they meet and greet each day?

practical numerology 101, The UK’s No 1 numerologist team, Numerology UK, UK's No 1 Numerologists

Our Jamie Oliver case study will practically blow your mind

Here is an extract from it: In this piece of ground-breaking research entitled Jamie Oliver Numerology Case Study, we reveal to you using nothing other than his core numbers (i.e. his DOB and Full Birth Name) that the collapse of his restaurant empire coincided perfectly with his Number 8 (money, power, business, grand-scale organising etc.) karmic life lesson. We also reveal to you that the opening of his most loved restaurant, Fifteen, in 2002, was also hardcoded from birth as being a massively significant life event. Before we get into all the numerical detail, you need to understand this: Jamie Oliver has the Master Number 22 (i.e. The Master Builder; Birth YY 1975 = 1+9+7+5 = 22) coded into his 365 Pin Code Numerology and master builders are hardwired to go for it on a massively ambitious scale. That is why so many of them will experience more than one tremendous financial boom and go spectacularly bust more than once in their lives! This cycle will repeat itself until they learn the necessary leadership and management skills required to intelligently mitigate risk, most importantly, their own personal risk!

Numerology UK – Keeping it Real…

At Numerology UK we are obsessed with building everything we do around a practical numerology 101 framework. What this essentially means, is that we do away with all the “fluffy stuff” and keep it real. Our style of numerology is not “away-with-the-fairies” – quite the contrary – it is in fact seriously down to earth. What is the point in giving clients theoretical information which is “cosmically interesting” when maybe they are looking for practically implementable ways to make more money and put some daylight between them and their debt?

“Throughout history, people have studied pure science from a desire to understand the universe rather than practical applications for commercial gain. But their discoveries later turned out to have great practical benefits.” Professor Stephen Hawking

Enter the 365 Pin Code of Stephen Hawking

Numerology UK Predictive Modelling Data Table – provided as another example of practical numerology analytics – this defines the life path of Numerology UK

practical numerology 101, The UK’s No 1 numerologist team, Numerology UK, UK's No 1 Numerologists

It is matrix views like this which unlock next level strategic thinking and planning intelligence. This data table provides lines of code which when carefully interpreted give insights as to what numbers combinations are in play each year. Certain numbers sets are antagonistic (these challenge-rich years demand more intensive risk management strategies) whereas others are complementary (these opportunity-rich years call for innovative and risk-taking strategies!). This is why there is no numerology like practical numerology, and Numerology UK is the global leader in this field!