What do My numerology Numbers mean?

Whenever people start to develop an interest in understanding more about themselves and have an initial brush with numerology, the very first question they want answered, is what do my numerology numbers mean? The typical numerology answers they receive, will be linked to the information tabled below…

Here is a typical example of a Table of the Numerology Numbers and what they Mean (this really is just a starting point, or Numerology 101a).

what do my numerology numbers mean, realistic numerology, Numerology UK

The above table in turn helps define or inform, important numerology datapoints [listed below] as calculated from your Date of Birth [DOB] and Full birth Name [FBN]. Here is a comprehensive list of what we at Numerology UK work with:

  • Life Path Number (as in physical)
  • Shadow Life Path Number (as in emotional) [Shadow Numerology developed by 365 Pin Code]
  • Personal Energy Vibration Number (as in physical)
  • Shadow Personal Energy Vibration Number (as in emotional)
  • Family Energy Vibration Number (as in physical; and Co-Joined Relationship Numerology)
  • Shadow Family Energy Vibration Number (as in emotional)
  • World / Career Energy Vibration Number (as in physical)
  • Shadow World / Career Energy Vibration Number (as in emotional)
  • Personal Attainment Numbers (as in physical and emotional including your Sun Number!)
  • Professional Attainment Numbers (as in emotional)
  • Primary and Minor Challenges (physical and emotional)
  • Various Pinnacle and Challenge Experiences (life path; annual)
  • Life Cycles; Dominant Birth Arrows; Your all-important Karmic Year
  • Karmic Lessons; Expression Numbers; Balance Numbers; Soul Urges, Personalities
  • Hidden Passion Number and Extreme Karmic Lessons (!!)
  • Annual Experience Numbers which are used for 4D predictive modelling purposes; this has opened up a brand new field of numerology called Futurist Numerology
  • Annual Dualities (NB for risk management); Monthly numbers; Daily Numbers
  • Antagonistic Number combinations – signals a high-risk time to you
  • Cooperative Number combinations – signal an opportunistic time to you
  • Numerical synchronicities which indicate repeating events (as in Top Gun 1986 and Top Gun Maverick 2020)
  • And there are still more numbers which present themselves upon deeper investigation

Now that you have an entry level understanding of what the “numerology numbers mean” and what the “important numerology numbers” are, here is an example of a typical numerology reading experience…

Most typical non-strategic numerology reading go something like this…

Numerologist says “Well, from your date of birth, I can see that you are born on the 1st which means that you have numerology number 1 powerfully expressing itself through you on a personal level. The number 1, being an intensely masculine, ego-driven number is all about winning, being respected, coming first, being the leader (as in you have to be numero uno!), making an impact and doing things your way. Disrespect a number 1 person and guaranteed all hell will break lose. This is the number linked with independence so many of the experiences you will have and challenges you will face, will be independence related. You need to learn to stand on your own two feet, be brave and be bold.”

“Then, if we look at your life path number, which is calculated from your date of birth we see that you have a number 2 life path [client DOB is 01.07.1992 = 1+7+1992 = 2000 = 2+0+0+0 = 2] which means that you’re at your best when selflessly supporting others because what the number 2 does. The number 2 represents the essence of femininity and is associated with duality (as in abundance versus scarcity, health versus illness etc.), cooperation, collaboration, peace, harmony, being in a powerful state of equilibrium and diplomacy. This will be your life path journey and many of the challenges you will have along the way will link directly to what the number 2 stands for. And then, if we turn to the tarot cards and what their metaphysical signal is numerology wise…… Yap, yap, yap… Blah blah blah…”

what do my numerology numbers mean, realistic numerology, Numerology UK

For this “60- to 90-minute crystal ball information consultation” you will probably pay around one hundred and fifty pounds or dollars. Thing is, when all is done and dusted, you might know a lot more about what the various numerology numbers stand for, and what the various tarot cards mean, but you’ll still be at a complete loss as to how this experience is going to change your life, or get you making better choices and decisions, or even making more money? Well, it will not and sadly that is where the discipline of numerology, as practised by most transpersonal numerologists, falls face first in the mud and ends us being “futile frivolous fluff.”

Now, let us make the Quantum Shift from Entertaining Numerology to Realistic Numerology

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word “realistic” as follows: Accepting things as they are in fact and not making decisions based on unlikely hopes for the future; Having or showing a practical awareness of things as they are. How refreshing is this? Reality – as in back to earth with a bump, as in moving beyond the mythical nonsense which manifesting success hacks like Rhonda Byrne teach you in awfully misguided films and books like The Secret. So, what exactly is Realistic Numerology?

Realistic Numerology provides a Balance Perspective

Realistic numerology provides you with a balanced perspective of what your numerology numbers mean. In other words, it will reveal to you that as you are busy manifesting abundance, you are simultaneously manifesting scarcity, because that is how this universe of ours works. You simply cannot have one without the other. Only the enlightened, experienced practical and realistic mind understands this and actively factors this into all decision-making scenarios. Here is a real-life example to support the fact that as you attract abundance so too do you attract scarcity.

For years you have worked hard, diligently applied yourself and finally you are starting to manifest real abundance in your career. As the money and success flows into your world as a direct result of your being recognised for what you have done and the difference you have made, what now flows out of your world? Stated differently, what immediately starts to become scarce? Time with family, because you are now working much longer hours as you have so much more responsibility at work and you dare not drop the ball because your star is on the rise. Your health starts to take a turn for the worse because the higher you climb, the more stress and politics and corporate backstabbing you have will to endure! Got the picture?

It’s not Sexy to teach that as You attract Abundance so too do You Attract Scarcity!

Always remember this: there can be no massive improvement in strength without a great weakness simultaneously opening! There can be no opportunity without threat; there can be no gain without pain; there can be no profit without loss. Sadly, the thousands of manifesting gurus out there choose to not teach this. Why? Because this is not sexy stuff to teach. Because practical and realistic is boring and ugly. These fools are so busy getting you to focus solely on abundance that you completely forget about scarcity, and so when it strikes in some of other form, you are shocked to the core, and left wondering how on earth could all this adversity and negativity have come about in my life when I was so rifled in on being 100% positive?

what do my numerology numbers mean, realistic numerology, Numerology UK

Practical Realistic Numerology leverages Theoretical Numerology Research

Ignorance costs and that is why the only way to go numerology wise, is Practical Realistic Numerology – intelligent leveraged off the back of sound theoretical numerology research. So, whenever you ask us, what do my number mean, we will always consider your numbers realistically, holistically, ecologically – as in their can’t be predator without prey, their can’t be summer without winter, there can’t be times of plentiful resources without there being times of resource scarcity.

“Every client will enthusiastically ask ‘What Do My Numerology Numbers Mean?’… Our intelligence gathering and numerology profiling techniques will literally blow your mind – this is how you will get to discover everything about yourself, layer after layer. Whilst you may wonder if this could be true, know this – every client we’ve worked with 1-on-1 has been left breathless at how accurate their numbers are and how much their numbers reveal about their lives, past, present and into the future. It is this incredibly powerful knowledge which shifts them from much confusion to true knowing, from being lost in the woodwork to pursuing purposeful endeavours, from trying to blend and fit in to finding their authentic unique self, from searching for answers externally to connecting with their greatest truths internally. For many it is also the biggest reality check of their entire lives and gifts them the practical understanding of how to move beyond being victim. What we do with numbers and how we use them predictively, has saved clients tens of thousands of pounds which they’d have otherwise lost; thankfully they didn’t and that’s because they heeded the clear warnings in their annual numerology profile.” Chris and Suzanne Styles, Founders 365 Pin Code and Numerology UK

Our Closing thoughts…

If you really want to understand “What do My numerology Numbers mean?” then you must be prepared to go all in, no half measures will do. Getting the superficial impractical information that most numerologists will sell to you in a 60 to 90-minute reading, will not help you much at all. If you are going to play all in, then get practical, get strategic and importantly, get realistic. That is why the opening heading of this article says that you must be prepared to be blown away.

When you choose us to guide you through your numerology numbers, they will be presented to you as per our World’s Best Numerology Report format and there’s an accompanying interpretive video too. Your 2hr+ video meticulously and strategically unpacks absolutely everything about you and includes SWOT Analysis critical thinking. In a nutshell, what we are presenting to you will get you thinking, planning, and executing differently, and in 4D – personal physical, personal emotional, professional physical and professional emotional.

Now that is Practical Realistic Numerology at its best!